Responses to Consultations

Responses to Consultations

The Law Society's responses to some recent consultations are noted below...

Reporting Serious Incidents in Charities Consultation

The Society has submitted their response to the Charity Commission’s review of its guidance Reporting serious incidents in charities. In their response the Society puts forward a number of proposals to help make the guidance clearer as well as suggesting that additional information be included in the Charity Commission's procedures and support mechanisms so that individuals and charities know what to expect after reporting a serious incident.

Sentencing Council: Bladed Articles and Offensive Weapons Guideline Consultation

The Society submitted their response to the Sentencing Council's consultation regarding its draft guideline for sentencing for offences relating to the possession of bladed articles and offensive weapons.

FCA: Terms of Reference for a Market Study of the Mortgage Sector

The Society has submitted comments on the terms of reference for the FCA market study which will look at competition in the mortgage sector. They have invited the FCA to consider the impact of lenders’ panels on consumer choice.